Showreel 2012

My new reel is online ! thanks for watching

♞ Chivalry

medieval Knight

Armor knight ☩ Art of courtly love ☩ chivalry code ☩ Balzac ☩ Thou shalt be everywhere and always the champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil ☩

Merry go round


I created this animation loop for another family blog of mine, originally dedicated to my nieces, the concept is to post illustrations, gif animations, or music on a regular base with their translation in English so they can extend their vocabulary. This one was for the word “merry go round”. And it’s been made out of planes in after effect.

Teddy girl


Little fox looking for some rabbits

Petit renard a l’affut.


Toujours en rapport avec mon projet, quelques props d’ordre nautique. (L’esprit de déduction affute aura conclu qu’effectivement l’intrigue se passe a bord d’un bateau.)

Some nautical props related to my project.


Some first designs for characters of a short story I wrote, not sure yet if this ever have a chance to actually become more than a short story as the project (at least in animation) maybe quiet ambitious. But Still it doesn’t hurt starting.

Premiers designs pour les persos d’une nouvelle que j’ai ecrit. Pas sur que l’affaire depasse le stade “projet” en tout cas en terme de film d’anim, vu l’ambition d’un tel scenario (hey y’a quand meme quatre persos !!)  Mais peu importe, cette partie reste la plus amusante.

Prince de Perse

What a dashing warrior we have here…the obsession with armored riders seized me last week while I was listening to, about 30 times a day, “Arabian Knights” from Siouxie. Then came the idea of a dazzling arabian prince, riding fearless among wild deserts…However, after a couple of researches based on historical documents it seemed to me that these antic riders where dramatically badly dressed compared to their Persians contemporaries, and I’ve never been so crazy about turbans. This is how the arabian prince naturally became a Prince of Persia©, which led to another research field just as Historical.

L’elegant Guerrier que voila…L’obssession des cavaliers en armure s’est emparee de moi la semaine derniere alors que j’ecoutais a peu pres 30 fois par jour Arabian knights de Siouxie. Ainsi est nee l’idee du fringant prince arabe chevauchant sans peur au coeur de deserts sauvages. Toutefois apres quelques recherches historiques, il m’a semble que les dits cavaliers antiques etaient fort mal nippes au regard de leurs contemporains persans, les turbans ca n’a jamais ete mon truc. Le prince arabe est naturellement devenu un prince de Perse, ce qui a ouvert un autre champ de recherche tout aussi Historique.



I am not sure how this thought of drawing austere oil rigs from the north sea came out, perhaps it is my share of solidarity to the current crisis (oil, not financial)…which reminds me I just retrieved some Saudi’s and other Burka’s/Vuitton’s bag animations I’ve done a couple of month ago for a TOTAL film (you know the worldwide polluter firm…),  I think I am going to post this soon as well…

Je ne sais pas trop d’ou sort cette idee de dessiner d’austeres plates formes de la mer du nord, c’est peut etre une question de solidarite relative a la crise actuelle (celle de l’essence, pas la financiere hein) Ce qui me fait penser que je viens de recuperer les animes de plein de Saoudiens et autres Burkas/sac vuittons des Emirats que j’avais faites pour un film TOTAL il y’a quelque mois, je les posterais bientot ici tiens.



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